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CREATION PROCESS: The Vesta Versa strew, known locally as Kinkahe, is collected from the tops of the grass stalk, then each pieces is split in half vertically. Each half of the split straw is the twisted tightly by rolling it back and forth together to give it strength. The straw is put in bunches and dyed in boiling water for the colors the straw is dyed yellow first, then the pattern colors. The weaver carefully  selects appropriate straw for the items they are making. The selection of the the proper straw for various parts of their weaving is critical, weaving starts at the base and works up to the rim. The rim are generally finished flat or wrapped withtraw to the a tube like edge. Beautiful work done 

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This trays is been design for out doors and indoors used, and round shape 13” long and 13” wide 

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