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This necklace and Bracelet  beads are handmade regionally from Krobo Odumasi, Ghana Custom design in Fort Myers, Florida by wajoliafricanwear The necklace is filled with statement making pieces, it complements your every mood and style, whether you are going for elegant, everyday, or just big. You can take a walk on red carpet or even a walk on the wild side. Krobo beads traditionally in Ghana are use for big occasions like marriage celebration, outdoor of Kings, Queens and other events.IT multi colors are attractive to many as one at kind piece. Krobo were use as exchange of currency in 19th century call better trade. Krobo beads are use in the continent of fashion world today. Length 8in. and 9inTo clean it you need a clean face towel with warm water, after cleaning leave it to air dry for fifteen minutes please. Hand crated with quality and your satisfaction in mind

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