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Kim Fox

I first discovered Jessica and her amazing jewelry in the fall of 2021. Since that time I have purchased several bracelets and anklets from Jessica. The quality of her workmanship and the beautiful and unique beads she uses makes her jewelry some of my favorite items to wear. Each pieces Jessica create is one of kind. I love the way she combines different colors and sizes of beads. I also buy her jewelry  to give as gift and everyone loves them. I wear Jessica’s bracelets and anklets daily and have not had any issues with them stretching or breaking. 

Great jewelry and amazing woman who creates these beautiful work of Art.

Kim Fox 

Krystal Rose – Portland, OR

When I first saw the beautiful jewelry creations of Jessica Wajoli several years ago, I immediately recognized the high quality of the beads and the unique creativity of Jessica’s designs. Her beautifully designed jewelry reflects a strong affinity for traditional African design combined with contemporary forms which appeal to a wide variety of tastes. The beads are collected from small production locations in Africa and are not ‘mass produced’. These are unique, one of a kind pieces, to be cherished or shared with those we love. I continue to add pieces to my ‘Wajoli Collection’ and always look forward to what Jessica comes up with next!

Angela Allen

I have been a Satisfied Customer of Wajoliafricanwear jewelry for over 3 years.  I love African jewelry and Jessica, the founder and CEO, has the gift of designing and creating simply beautiful jewelry. Her designs are created with love and passion for her art and for her customers.  She takes into consideration what the everyday woman likes: whether for special occasion, weekend wear, or just to be a “Zazzy”  Diva!

Josi Feit

Jessica’s pieces are beautiful works of art. Each necklace, bracelet, earring is created with love, given in love and worn in love. Her “beads of love” have celebrated marriage, birth and birthdays in the most special way!

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