Wajoli African Wear

The History Behind Authentic Straw Baskets, Hats and Trays are hand crafted by men and women from Ghana, city called Bolgatanga west Africa. These genuine Ghana, Bolgatanga (Bolga) are exclusively woven by the the indigenous Gurune Frepe. They are also known as the Frafra tribe, around the city of Ghana, Bolga northern region. For many generations, weaving has been a traditional skills of the Bolga people. The soil around Bolgatanga is not fertile enough for extensive agricultural activities.

The city has an erratic rainfall pattern and generally harsh weather conditions. As a result, handcrafted activities such as weaving,, leather work and pottery are performed by the people to supplement the income. I am honored to have this hard working men and women, any product you buy from Wajoli Authentic home you help support this men and women. Our goal Empowering Women.